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Theory of Menu Auction and Applications bc-ir:101467 835
Filipino Fortitude bc-ir:104928 835
Thermoelectric transport properties of nanostructured FeSb2 and Ce-based heavy-fermions CeCu6 and CeAl3 bc-ir:104129 829
'Not the race of Dante' bc-ir:101344 824
Essays on the Term Structure of Interest Rates bc-ir:101527 813
Impact of Palestinian EFL Teachers' Attitudes toward Oral Errors on Their Students' Attitudes and Choice of Error Treatment Strategies bc-ir:101339 811
Family Educational Involvement and Social Capital bc-ir:101523 806
Whatever It Takes bc-ir:101760 793
Catalysis and Regulation of the Allosteric Enzyme Aspartate Transcarbamoylase bc-ir:101383 793
Marital satisfaction bc-ir:101917 773