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Resilience Through Relational Connection bc-ir:101645 573
Trauma-Informed Care for Sexual and Gender Minority Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence bc-ir:107451 554
Work Hours, Workload, and Fatigue in Nurse Anesthetists bc-ir:101470 550
The Bedrock Geology and Fracture Characterization of the Maynard Quadrangle of Eastern Massachusetts bc-ir:101402 538
Family Educational Involvement and Social Capital bc-ir:101523 534
The effect of grain size on river delta process and morphology bc-ir:104266 530
Preparing Teachers and Students for Democracy bc-ir:101485 530
The Sounds of Silence bc-ir:101732 526
Gutzwiller Approximation in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems bc-ir:101472 525
Leaving No Family Behind bc-ir:101191 524