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Paths to Active Citizenship bc-ir:101888 887
The Relationship Between Student Use of Socially Interactive Technology and Engagement and Involvement in the Undergraduate Experience bc-ir:101372 879
La Peinture ou les leçons esthétiques chez Marcel Proust = Painting or the Aesthetic Lessons in Works of Marcel Proust bc-ir:101549 875
Internationalization at Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States bc-ir:107905 871
Thomas Aquinas and the Generation of the Embryo bc-ir:104090 868
Preparing Teachers For Tomorrow bc-ir:108575 865
Domesticating Human Rights bc-ir:106875 857
Marital Stability bc-ir:101302 850
Emergent Learning bc-ir:101893 846
Ethnic Patriotism bc-ir:101847 843