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Kill your darlings? Experiencing, maintaining, and changing psychological ownership in creative work bc-ir:101452 1,008
Vocabulary Instruction for the Development of American Sign Language in Deaf Children bc-ir:101408 1,006
A Study of the Language Practices of Ethnolinguistic Minority Preservice Teachers bc-ir:102022 1,004
Mamluk Art Objects in Their Architectural Context bc-ir:107566 992
The Ineuitabile of Honorius Augustodunensis bc-ir:101165 991
El carácter teológico de la opción por los pobres bc-ir:101175 990
MBA Students' Perspectives toward the Economic Crisis bc-ir:101579 968
Transforming Desire bc-ir:101839 967
Missing Class bc-ir:101618 953
For Richer, For Poorer: Jesuit Secondary Education in America and the Challenge of Elitism bc-ir:104064 899