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The Freedom of God bc-ir:107101 1,355
"Aristotle's Theory of Prohairesis and Its Significance for Accounts of Human Action and Practical Reasoning" bc-ir:101290 1,344
Insidious Vulnerability bc-ir:107960 1,323
Reading Bede as Bede would read bc-ir:101180 1,306
Two sides of the same mind bc-ir:104075 1,302
The Impact of Professional Development on Public School Teachers' Understanding of Religious Diversity bc-ir:108384 1,281
The effect of grain size on river delta process and morphology bc-ir:104266 1,209
"Living Life in the Moment" bc-ir:103562 1,203
Leadership Practices that Affect Student Achievement bc-ir:107951 1,199
The Culture of Recognition bc-ir:101421 1,184