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Building the Common Good Through Virtuous Leadership bc-ir:109200 13
Co-responsibility in the relation between the lay and the ordained faithful bc-ir:109300 13
Synthesis, Characterization, and Transformations of α-Borylcarbonyl Compounds Containing 1,2-Azaborine bc-ir:109922 11
Sample Dissertation bc-ir:109867 9
College Behind Bars bc-ir:109335 9
Algebraic Learning bc-ir:109747 9
Pseudo-Anosov maps and genus-two L-space knots bc-ir:109923 9
Reaching for the High-Hanging Fruits in Olefin Metathesis bc-ir:109352 8
Climate Change, Virtue, and Moral Agency bc-ir:109342 8
Counting differentials with fixed residues bc-ir:109921 8