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Examining the Measurement of Health and its Relationship to Acculturation for Older Asian Americans bc-ir:101148 56
Factors that influence contraceptive decision-making in African American women, an intergenerational perspective bc-ir:101150 161
Narrative Inquiry of the Parenting Experiences of Chinese Immigrant Parents in the U.S. bc-ir:101151 125
Social Construction of Older Workers bc-ir:101152 305
Two Essays on the Long-Term Consequences of the EITC Program bc-ir:101153 115
The Longest Rollercoaster Ride bc-ir:101154 262
Essays in applied macroeconomics bc-ir:101155 83
Strategic Applications of Pinacolato Allylboron Reagents bc-ir:101156 142
Humanizing Neo-liberal Globalization bc-ir:101157 152
An Iridescent Dream bc-ir:101158 100