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Development of New Catalysts and Concepts for Enantioselective Synthesis of Amines and Alcohols bc-ir:101878 81
"Be angry, but do not sin" bc-ir:107474 152
"Beyond the screen" bc-ir:109872 14
"Crowded Churches and Empty Stomachs" bc-ir:107475 309
"For this institute, for the divine glory" bc-ir:108280 84
"From 'the exclusion from' to 'the sharing of' God's Baraka" bc-ir:108069 98
1,2-Oxaborines bc-ir:107626 53
Ab Initio Theory of Thermal Spin-Lattice Disorder in Iron and Invar bc-ir:108985 20
About the Need to Confess Sins Aloud bc-ir:107528 117
Accounting Standards Updates, Investments in Accounting Information Systems, and Firms’ Internal Information Environments bc-ir:109497 66