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Marital Stability bc-ir:101302 5,455
Monetary Policy and the Great Recession bc-ir:101609 3,422
Saint Thomas Aquinas on the Death Penalty bc-ir:101201 3,362
Kant on Human Dignity bc-ir:101364 3,227
Determination of Hydraulic Conductivities through Grain-Size Analysis bc-ir:106982 2,633
Psychologists' Experiences Working with Clients in Poverty bc-ir:103740 2,375
Design and Synthesis of Nanopore-Modulated Heterogeneous Catalysts bc-ir:106937 2,139
The Origins of Descartes' Concept of Mind in the Regulae ad directionem ingenii bc-ir:101348 2,104
Totality, the Other, the Infinite bc-ir:101265 2,011
Vocabulary Instruction for the Development of American Sign Language in Deaf Children bc-ir:101408 1,919